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Hattie Joffe Memorial Trophy

This trophy is presented to the Albertan winning the most Master Points at the annual Alberta Regional Tournament. It is in memory of Hattie Joffe, who was a popular Calgary bridge player in the 1950's & 60's and has the distinction of being the first ACBL Life Master from Alberta. The trophy was donated by Hattie's family and is retained by the Calgary Unit 390.

2019 - Doran Flock, Calgary, AB. & Dave Smith, Edmonton, AB
2018 - Gerry Marshall, Calgary, AB.
2017 - Al Simon, Calgary, AB.
2016 - Adam Thiel, Red Deer, AB.
2015 - Judith Gartaganis, Calgary, AB.
2014--Judith & Nicholas Gartaganis, Calgary AB
2013--Nicholas Gartaganis, Calgary AB
2012-- Charlie Lamb, Red Deer, AB.
2011--Chris Buchanan, Edmonton, AB.
2010--Nicholas Gartaganis, Calgary AB
2009--Gerry Marshall, Calgary, AB.
2008--Nicholas Gartaganis, Calgary, AB.
2007--Doug Deschner, Red Deer, AB.
2006--Steve Lawrence, Calgary, AB.
2005--Susan Culham,  Edmonton AB
2004--Piotr Klimowicz--Edmonton, AB.
2003--Nicholas Gartaganis--Calgary, AB.
2002--Lorna Deschner--Red Deer, AB.
2001-- Lee Barton--Edmonton, AB.

2000--Gerry Marshall--Calgary, AB.

1999--Doug Deschner--Red Deer, AB.
1998--Lee Barton--Edmonton, AB.
1997--Doug Deschner--Red Deer, AB.
1996--Judy Gartaganis--Calgary, AB.
1995--Gordon Campbell--Calgary, AB.
1994--Allan Simon--Calgary, AB.
1993--Nicholas Gartaganis--Calgary, AB.
1992--Nicholas Gartaganis--Edmonton, AB.
1991--Gary Marshall--Calgary, AB.
1990--Brian Maksymetz---Edmonton, AB.
1989--Stan Cabay---Edmonton, AB.
1988--Peter Jones---Edmonton, AB.
1987--Lee R. Barton---Edmonton, AB.
1986--Steve Willard---Edmonton, AB.
1985--Subhash Gupta--Calgary, AB.
1984--Jym Galand---Edmonton, AB.

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