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Vern Haggart Trophy


Awarded to the player who wins the most points won in the Great Falls Spring Tournament.

Tanya McCully Whitefish, MT. & Bill Bradshaw, Billings, MT 2019
Tanya McCully, Whitefish, MT & Michael Boreson, Kalispell, MT. 2018
Tanya McCully, Whitefish, MT. & Bill Bradshaw, Billings, MT. 2017
Sharon carter & marsha Schell, Billings, MT. 2016
Gordon Bower, Rigby, ID & Debbie Purvis, Cooke City, MT. 2015
Steve Lawrence, Calgary AB & Ronald Szabo, Great Falls MT. 2014
Tim Spencer, Great Falls, MT. 2013
Ron Szabo, Great Falls, MT. & Steve Lawrence, Calgary, AB. 2012
George Williamson, Great Falls, MT. 2011
Murray & Marilyn Haggins, Calgary, AB. 2010
Paul Graham, &  Francesca Walton, Calgary AB. 2009
George Williamson, Great Falls 2008
Tim Spencer, Great Falls & Michael Keller, Kalipsell 2007
Paul Graham, &  Francesca Walton, Calgary AB. 2006
Tim Spencer, Great Falls 2005
Helen and Don Cherry 2004
Ted Hoff 2003

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