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The Phyllis Burke Trophy

The trophy is in honor of Phyllis Burke a native of Idaho.  She owned and operated a bridge club, served as chairperson for both Regional and Sectional tournaments.  She was president of her Unit board and served on the District 18 ACBL board for 17 years.  She served as President of the ACBL in 1989. This trophy is awarded to the non-professional District 18 ACBL member who amasses the most Master Points at District 18 Open Regional Tournaments during the calendar year.

2019 - Daniel Bertrand, Calgary, AB.  (117.24 MPs)
2018 - Suzanne St. Thomas, Boise, ID.  (124.85 MPs)
2017 - Curley Anderson, Saskatoon, SK.  (93.73 MPs)
2016 - Gerry Marshall, Calgary, AB.  (147.64 MPs)
2015 - Dennis Nelson, Saskatoon, SK.  (152.36 MPs)
2014 -- Dennis Nelson, Saskatoon, SK.  (109.95 MP's)
2013 -- Dennis Nelson, Saskatoon, SK.  (273.76 MP's)
2012 -- Andy Anderson, Saskatoon, SK. (197.91 MP's)
2011 -- Andy Anderson, Saskatoon, SK. (272.89 MP's)
2010--Curley Anderson, Saskatoon, SK. (178.29 MP's)
2009--Dennis Nelson, Saskatoon, SK. (215.47 MP's)
2008--Bernie Lambert, Acme, Alberta  (197.30 MP's)
2007--Bernie Lambert, Acme, Alberta  (207.47 MP's)
2006--Alex Fowlie, Edmonton, Alberta (162.33 MP's)
2005--Richard Anderson--Regina, SK.
2004--Alex Fowlie--Edmonton, AB.
2003--Barry Pritchard--Edmonton, AB.  ( 149.01 MP's )
2002--Richard Anderson--Regina, SK.  ( 131.10 MP's )
2001--Don Campbell--Saskatoon, SK.  (119.90 MP's )
2000--Gerry Marshall--Calgary, AB.  ( 266.40 MP's )
1999--Doug Deschner--Red Deer, AB.  ( 138.31 MP's )
1998--Bill Booty--Idaho Falls, ID.  ( 202.86 MP's )
1995--Doug Deschner--Red Deer, AB
1994--Bill Booty-- Idaho Falls, ID
1993--John Landeryou--Lethbridge, AB
1992--Nicholas Gartaganis--Calgary, AB
1991--Don Gladman--Calgary, AB
1990--Bill Zerebesky--Saskatoon, SK
1989--Don Campbell--Saskatoon, SK
1988--Ken Gee--Regina, SK
1987--Bill Zerebesky--Saskatoon, SK
1986--Bill Zerebesky--Saskatoon, SK
1985--Gary Mitchell--Regina, SK
1984--John Ross--Flin Flon, MB

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