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Ken McGuirl Memorial Open Pairs Plaque


First award presented in 2005. The premieré game will be played on Saturday afternoon, February 12, 2005, at the sectional tournament in Saskatoon.


An award will be presented annually to the pair who achieves the highest percentage in the Open Pairs game on Saturday afternoon at the February Sectional in Saskatoon, hereafter to be known as the Ken McGuirl Memorial Sectional Tournament. This plaque is in recognition of “Mr. Bridge”, Saskatchewan’s first Life Master, for his efforts in promoting bridge in Saskatchewan, and in the founding of the North Saskatchewan Unit.



2014 Alex McGregor, Saskatoon SK; Rick Boldt, Corman Park SK
2013 Mark Churchman & Billy Zerebesky , Saskatoon, SK
2012 Dennis Nelson, Saskatoon, SK. & Claire Jones, Regina, SK.
2011 Sheila Rodger - Joy Treleaven, Saskatoon, SK
2010 Curley & Andy Anderson, Saskatoon, SK.

Cal McLeod & Rick Gaucher, Regina, SK.


James Dulmage & Scott Rosom, Regina SK


Tove Hansen & Barbara Klombies, Saskatoon, SK.


Sandi & Joe Kerger, Saskatoon, SK.


Jan & Dick Anderson, Regina, SK.

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