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Moose Jaw's

Ev Heal Individual Effort Trophy

This trophy is awarded each year in honour of the long time effort Ev put into both the running of the Moose Jaw Club and Moose Jaw Sectional tournaments. It is awarded to the player who wins the most master points during the pairs games on Friday and Saturday at the annual Moose Jaw  Sectional. The presentation takes place on the Sunday of the tournament. 

The Moose Jaw club has currently stopped hosting their annual tournament.
Year Player Home Club Points


Lorna Nordlinder

Len Racette

Minot, ND

Saskatoon, SK



Derrick Furber

Gary Johnnsson

Prince Albert, SK

Regina, SK.


2014 Not Awarded Due To Regional  


Claire Jones

Dennis Nelson

Regina, SK.

Saskatoon, SK.


2012 Cal McLeod Regina, SK. 7.42
2011 Dick Anderson Regina, SK. 13.57
2010 Not Awarded Due to Regional  
2009 Len Racette Saskatoon, SK. 13.41
2008 Art d'Entremont Regina Beach, SK 14.03

Peter McLaren &

Jerry Mamer

Prince Albert, SK.

Saskatoon, SK.

2006 Not Awarded Due to Regional  
2005 Art d'Entremont Regina Beach, SK. 13.54
2004 Kash Andreychuk Yorkton, SK.  9.15
2003 Don MacDonald Moose Jaw, SK 15.92  
2002 Not awarded Due to Regional  

Andy Anderson

Yorkton, SK.


2000  Dick Anderson  Regina, SK. 15.67
1999   Andy Anderson Yorkton, SK. 17.02
1998  Joe Kerger  Saskatoon, SK. 11.71
1997  Jerry Mamer &
Peter McLaren 

Stoughton, SK.

Prince Albert, SK.

1996  Ken Gee Regina, SK.  16.57
1995 Ken Gee Regina, SK. 12.92
1994  Peter Basarsky  Moose Jaw, SK. 12.34
1993  Art d'Entremont  Regina Beach, SK. 15.36
1992  Dev Prakhya  Regina, SK. 14.63
1991  Peter Basarsky  Moose Jaw, SK. 14.54
1990  Art d'Entremont  Regina Beach, SK. 17.03
1989  Jerry Mamer  Stoughton, SK. 18.32
1988 Gary Mitchell Regina, SK. 15.48

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