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Dick Anderson Trophy


Dick Anderson is a long time player at the Regina Duplicate Bridge Club. In addition to the many years he has dedicated to teaching and directing at the Regina club Dick has been very active in the ACBL. Dick has served our area on the District 18 Board of Directors, has been the District representative on the ACBL Board of Governers, and has served a term as the ACBL President.


This trophy is presented to the person winning the most masterpoints at the Regina Sectional Tournaments.



Home Club

April 2017

Peter Worby

Regina, SK

October 2016

Mark Hanlon

Kerry Hanlon

Bismarck, ND

Duluth, MN

April 2016

Claire Jones

Regina, SK

October 2015

Don Shatilla

Andy Anderson

Saskatoon, SK

April 2015 Peter Worby Regina, SK.
Oct. 2014 Curley Anderson Saskatoon, SK.
March 2014 Lorna Nordlinder Minot, ND.
Oct. 2013

Kash Andreychuk

Lorna Nordlinder

Yorkton, SK.

Minot, ND.

March 2013 Kash Andreychuk Yorkton, SK.
Oct. 2012 Andy Anderson Saskatoon, SK
March 2012 Cal McLeod Regina, SK.
Oct. 2011 Nelson Sunshine Regina, SK.
March 2011 Derrick Ferber Prince Albert, SK.
Oct. 2010 Rick Gaucher Regina, SK.
June 2010 Dennis Nelson Saskatoon, SK.
March 2010 Dick Anderson Regina, SK.
Oct. 2009 Dick Anderson Regina, SK.
June 2009 Dennis Nelson Saskatoon, SK.
March 2009 Barry Harper Regina, SK.
Oct. 2008 Rick Gaucher Regina, SK.
April 2008 Len Racette Saskatoon, SK.
Oct. 2007 Peter Basarsky Moose Jaw, SK.
March 2007

Dick Anderson

Regina, SK.

Oct. 2006 Kash Andreychuk Yorkton, SK.
March 2006 Rick Gaucher Regina, SK.
Oct. 2005 Art D'Entremont Regina Beach, SK.
March 2005 Lorna Nordlinder Minot, ND.
Oct. 2004 Len Racette Saskatoon, SK.
March 2004 Lorna Nordlinder Minot, ND.
Oct. 2003 Joe Kerger Saskatoon, SK.

March 2003

Gerry Mamer

Kash Andreychuk

Saskatoon, SK.

Yorkton, SK.

Oct.  2002 Curly Anderson Saskatoon, SK.
March 2002 Len Racette Saskatoon, SK.
Oct. 2001 Art D'Entremont Regina Beach, SK.
March 2001 Jan Anderson Regina, SK.
Oct. 2000 Lorna Nordlinder Minot, ND.
March 2000 Norm Adams Brandon, MB.

March 1999

Gerry Mamer

Peter McLaren

Saskatoon, SK.

Prince Albert, SK.

Oct. 1998 Ken Gee Regina, SK.

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