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District 18 Board Elections 201

Montana, Saskatchewan and Idaho

The District 18 Board of Directors is made up of representatives from each geographical part of the district.  This year Saskatchewan and Montana are due to elect new representatives.  As well, the member representing Idaho has resigned with one year left in his term.  Therefore, the D18 board felt it reasonable to hold Idaho's election one year early and for their rep to serve an initial 4 year term.

If you are a member of District 18, living in Montana, Idaho or Saskatchewan and Northern Manitoba, You are eligible to seek election as your State's/Provinces representative.  All nominations must be submitted by January 15, 2017.

Please send all nominations to:

Alex McGregor

Election Officer District 18


347 AE Adams Lane

Saskatoon, Sk.  S7K5N3


Thank You


Alex McGregor

Election Officer and President, District 18


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