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2017 Masterpoint Achievements

I need your help!!!
Please send me any new names you know



New Life Masters  (500 MPs)

January 2017

Heather A Bourne, Calgary AB

Ms Virginia Kebe,  Butte MT


March 2017

Ms Lily Lister, Calgary AB

Ken Sutley, Edmonton AB

Mr Bryan W Wilson, Saskatoon SK


April 2017

Judy Madge, Calgary AB


May 2017

Susan Bessant, Saskatoon SK

Ms Bette Flannigan, Lethbridge AB

Rachel G Valett, Great Falls MT

  Bronze Life Master

March 2017

Ms Gerene D Albrecht, Red Deer AB

Maryellen McFarlane, Idaho Falls ID


April 2017

Mr Peter F Galesloot, Saskatoon SK


May 2017

Mr Rick A Boyd, Calgary AB

Mr Terry D Cook, Saskatoon SK

Ms Janet M Early, Saskatoon SK

Mr William J Ruskin, Osler SK



Silver Life Master (1000 MPs)

January 2017

Peter Lysak 135 Lincoln Dr Regina SK


February 2017

Mr Don D Greenwood, Edmonton AB

Ms Victoria Haines, Calgary AB

 Emelie Quennell, Calgary AB


March 2017

Colleen Kinahan, Saskatoon SK

Mr Marinus A Nyholt, St Albert AB


April 2017

Mrs Diana M Burn, Calgary AB

Mr Samuel M Culley, Rathdrum ID

Ms Margaret Dyck, North Battleford SK

Pat A Pangracs, Calgary AB


May 2017

Mr Robert B Johnson, Hope ND

Mr Al Kahanoff, Calgary AB

Elaine Panchuk, Saskatoon SK

Mr Chris W Sarich, Saskatoon SK




Ruby Life Master  (1500 Masterpoints)

January 2017

Ms Sheila H Berry, Saint George UT

Ray Davie, Meota SK S0M


February 2017

Mr Brent L Northup, Helena MT

Ron Pritchard, Calgary AB


March 2017

Shirley Beckman, Helena MT

Ms Helen Dillen, Calgary AB

John T Paxton, Bozeman MT


April 2017

Mr Patrick E Murphy, Calgary AB


May 2017

Roberta G Stirling, Sherwood Park AB



Gold Life Master (2500 MPs)

January 2017

Marlene Lenstra, Calgary AB

Mr Stan W Shpiel, St Albert AB


February 2017

Mrs Nancy Coffee, Missoula MT


April 2017

Beth Milam, Idaho Falls ID

Mr Peter E Tracy, Columbia Falls MT


May 2017

Mrs Helen Cherry, Great Falls MT


Sapphire Life Master (3500 MPs)

January 2017

Mrs Janet E Ralph, Butte MT

Mr Lee F Von Hagen, Saskatoon SK


February 2017

Mr Jay D Anderson, Saskatoon SK


May 2017

Ms Helen M Mitchell, Devon AB



Diamond Life Master (5000 MPs)




February 2017

Mr Peter Jones, Edmonton AB


April 2017

Curley Anderson,  Saskatoon SK


May 2017

Mr Ray Grace, Sherwood Park AB




March 2017

Ms Judith A Gartaganis, Calgary AB

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