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Toronto Report

July 19-22, 2017

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Board of Directors Meeting

July 19-22, 2017

Toronto, ON.


In my role as District 18 representative on the National Board of Directors I am constantly hearing the names of players from around the District who are volunteering so much time and effort to our game. It would be impossible to name everyone but once a year I am privileged to be able to acknowledge a few of these contributions. This year’s District 18 nominations to the ACBL Charity Committee are Violet Corkum of Salt Lake City, UT. and Mary Jo Brown of Butte, MT. The District 18 appointment to the Goodwill Committee is Len Davidson of Moose Jaw, SK. Without slighting the many other contributors around the District would you join me in offering congratulations and thanks to these three members.


Another function I am privileged to perform is the announcement of where the District 18 charity money is sent. This year our District charity allocation was $12 000.00. After receiving input from the District 18 Board of Directors members the 2017 recipients are:

- Kerby Centre, Calgary, AB.  $2000.00

- Boys and Girls Club, Powell, WY  $1000.00

- Senior Center Of Jackson Hole, Inc., Jackson, WY.  $1000.00

- The Blue Butterfly House, St. George, UT  $2000.00

- CHEP Good Food Inc., Saskatoon, SK.  $2000.00

- Pocatello Free Clinic, Pocatello ID  $500.00

- Twin Falls Senior Center, Twin Falls, Idaho  $500.00

- Hospice of Eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls, ID  $500.00

- Idaho Panhandle Habitat for Humanity, Sandpoint, ID  $500.00

- Young Families, Billlings, Mt  $2000.00


The Toronto Board meetings had the formal introduction of Bihar Gidwani, our new ACBL CEO. Canadian Units will be pleased to hear Bahar plans to institute a Canadian dollar structure. His plan is to use Canadian dollar banking for sanction fees and director expenses. All transactions will be done in Canadian dollars that independent of the ups and downs of the US dollar. It appears your concerns over adding US dollar exchange to your fees have being heard. Watch for this the future.


You may have heard about the elimination of the Stop Card. This motion passed and will come into effect January 1, 2018. Between now and then there will be an emphasis placed on educating players that everyone should pause 5 or 10 seconds after all skip bids. It is important that you pause so as not to transfer unauthorized information to your partner about whether you are holding a good hand or not. On January 1st the Stop card will be removed from the bidding boxes at all tournaments. Clubs are encouraged do the same but the choice is being left as a club option.


Another upcoming change is the introduction of new allowable conventions chart. The current General and Mid charts are being replaced by new White, Green, Yellow and Red charts. The new charts will be better suited to deal with the differences found at club, IN tournament and regular tournament play. The proposed new charts are being published in the Bulletin. We are looking for your input. After receiving input from across the country a final version will be presented to the Board for final approval at the San Diego meeting. Be sure to send in your comments.


As always the motions ranged from the mundane housekeeping variety to the discussion oriented major changes. A rewrite to our Code of Disciplinary Conduct (CDR) was approved. Dealing with disciplinary matters has always been the least enjoyable aspect of running club or tournament games. The changes in the code are designed to make this a more streamlined process which makes this undesirable task a little bit easier.


Two motions dealt with District 18 Units. Malta, Unit 415, and Eastern Montana, Unit 416, have become less active and in recent years have stopped hosting Sectional tournaments. In an attempt to make our Unit system more efficient these units have been dissolved with their membership being transferred to Billings Unit 404.


At a request from the Board of Governors the question of 5 and 6 person teams paying more at the NABCs was revisited. After discuss it we decided this practice would continue at the NABCs.


Currently $1.00 of all memberships is used to pay a World Bridge Federation membership fee for each ACBL member. Accordingly you become members of the WBF and are entitled to participate in any WBF tournament. This process costs the ACBL over $160 000 annually. A motion was presented to have the ACBL reduce its share of these fees and transfer that responsibility to the United States Bridge Federation and the Canadian Bridge Federation. These organizations are the true National Bridge Organizations. This item definitely created the most discussion at the meeting. In a close vote the motion passed. A four year plan was proposed having this be a staged process with the ACBL having less financial responsibility in the future. The ACBL will be moving forward with discussions involving both the USBF and the CBF on how governance responsibilities will also be transferred. This Fall in San Diego there will be a complete report on how this is progressing.

Watch for the complete meeting minutes on the Wasumi web site.


The CBC National did an 8 minute segment on the recent Toronto NABCs. I think you will find this both interesting and informative.


I am looking forward to seeing and hearing from many of you when I travel to the upcoming District 18 Edmonton and Saskatoon Regionals. As always good luck in your bridge travels and may all your finesses be successful.


Claire Jones

District 18 Board of Directors

(306) 584-3516