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San Diego Report

November 20-24, 2017

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Board of Directors Meeting

November 20-24, 2017

San Diego, California


December is here and I hope it is bringing the end to another successful and enjoyable year of bridge. The San Diego tournament was a very successful end to our three NABCs with the BoD meetings being very productive. Here are some of the items you may find of interest.


If you havenít already heard Horn Lake has expanded its hotline hours for club support. Evening and weekend support has been added so there should always be someone there to help when your game runs into one of those dreaded ACBL SCOR problems.

Speaking of ACBL SCOR you will find that it is on its way out. The League is going to begin using alternate scoring programs. Starting in 2018 the ACBL will be approving alternate scoring programs for club games. This will not be happening overnight but the hope is that ACBL SCOR will be phased out for all club use by 2020.

Interested clubs should have their club managers check into this.

There is an Amnesty program of special interest to players who were ACBL members before 2010 and let their membership lapse. 2010 was the year Life Master requirements were increased from 300 to 500 MPs. Pre 2010 members who let their membership lapse had their requirements raised to the new 500 point level. This restriction is being removed. Past members who rejoin now are going to be reinstated with the previous 300 point LM requirement. So as not to discriminate against pre 2010 members who lapsed and have already rejoined you will also come under the 300 point requirement. If you are in this situation be sure to let Horn Lake know about your circumstances.

Everyone should be aware of the new subsidies for the College team programs. The Education Foundation is initiating a stipend program for those coaching College bridge teams. If you are interested in this get all the information from the Education Foundation.

A short reminder that January 1st is the day all tournaments will be taking their stop cards out of the bidding boxes. This is suggested but not required for club play.

San Diego saw the election of the ACBL president for 2018. Jay Whipple, of Florida, will be our new president.

If you were one of the players who took part in the on line robot game held before the Toronto NABCs watch for this. This event was very popular and it was decided to try it again on the week before each of the next three NABCs. There had been complaints about stratification and the masterpoint awards for the event but I think you will find the new format has addressed most of these complaints.

As a point of interest I would like to mention an alternate method of stratifying your tournament games. In this only one level for stratifying points is listed. You could select any masterpoint level. For this example I am using 1000 points. If both players are under 1000 points then this is a strat C pair. If one player is under 1000 points and the other is over then this is a strat B pair. When both partners are over 1000 points then this is a strat A pair. If this interests you talk to your tournament director about setting it up.

In order to be more consistent the electronic device policy that is in place at the NABCs must now be used at Regionals. It is hoped this will help you know what to expect when you are travelling to the various Regionals around the country.

You may have heard of a proposed new allowable conventions chart, not as easily done as said. The projected date for the new Convention charts has been moved to the end of 2018.

There has been a change in the required makeup for mixed pair team events. In the past teams of 6 always needed 3 women and 3 men. This has been changed so the mix can be 2 and 4 either way as long as there are always 2 women and 2 men playing at any given time.

Those of you running limited point I/N tournaments will like this change. In the past these tournaments have been limited to a maximum of 500 points. Under the new regulations limited point I/N tournaments will be allowed to go up to a maximum of 750 points. This is especially beneficial for those players who are over the previous 500 point maximum and have not yet obtained Life Master status.

Another new twist is a temporary membership designed to help clubs and teachers sell memberships. This $7.99 one month membership is low cost for new players with an incentive program being instituted for the clubs and teachers who sign up the new members. Check with Horn Lake to see the fine print on this program.

The last item is experimental formats to enhance bracketed KO games. Our District hopes to be involved in a trial Swiss qualifying bracketed KO event. Teams are placed into their brackets similarly to what we have always done. The difference comes when all the teams entered now play 2 sessions of Swiss qualifying. Using the Swiss team results the highest 4 teams from each bracket now proceed into the traditional KO format for the final 2 sessions. Watch for full details of these trial events at our Jackpot and Moose Jaw Regionals. This promises to be an exciting new format.


If you are interested in the full San Diego meeting minutes you can find them posted on the District 18 web site.


Best wishes to everyone for the upcoming holidays and as always may all your finesses be successful.


Claire Jones

District 18 BoD