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Washington Report

July 18-21, 2016

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Board of Directors Meeting

July 18-21, 2016

Washington, DC


The weather was hot and the meetings were productive. The biggest news was the announcement that the ACBL has signed a partnership agreement with BBO. For the next two years BBO has exclusive rights to host robot sponsored ACBL games and in exchange the ACBL will receive payments totalling $2 000 000.00. This new revenue will go a long way in helping to upgrade the IT department and speed the completion of the badly needed changes to ACBLSCOR. Overall the financial picture is looking very positive. Our 2nd quarter financial statement had a positive figure for the first time in nearly two years.

Something that many of you may already have heard was there were decisions in our two high profile cheating cases. Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes along with Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz were found guilty of collusive cheating. The penalties in both cases were indefinite expulsion and the loss of all masterpoints, ranks, and titles. This is something that you donít want to hear about but it is good that the rumors and uncertainty are over.

On the lighter side you may not have heard that with the United States presidential election campaigning the ACBL is getting some political spin. The Minnesota Post carried an article that you may enjoy. The article sites a study that could drastically affect the bidding of the future. For your convenience here is a link to the article.


There was one motion passed that really will affect your bidding. In the past it has been illegal to bid 1NT by agreement with hands holding a singleton. Not that you may want to start bidding NT all over the place with singletons but you are now able to do so by agreement in certain situations.

It is still not permissible to bid 1NT by agreement with hands containing a void.

By agreement it is now permissible to bid 1NT with a singleton Ace, King, or Queen so long as the hand contains no other singletons or doubletons.

It is also permissible to bid 1NT by agreement with hands containing no more than two doubletons.

In short these distributions are permissible:



But these are not:



Remember: The 2 key words in all this are BY AGREEMENT.

I can hardly wait to get a hand with a singleton that qualifies. Iím positive my partner will immediately raise me to 4 in my singleton. The good news is I wonít have to put my hand down as dummy.


I initiated a motion that will be beneficial to the tournaments held in Canada. Under the previous regulations the $3.00 or $4.00 non-member surcharge was to be submitted to the ACBL in US dollar equivalents. The motion changed that so now the surcharge is collected in US dollars in the United States and CA dollars in Canada. This means the Units and District will not have to take the surcharge exchange rate out of their tournament funds.


As well as the usual housekeeping motions there were a number of motions intended to improve the way we deal with disciplinary cases, suspensions, and the recorder system. For your information I have posted the complete Washington minutes on the District 18 web page.


Good luck as we head into the Fall bridge schedule and as always, may all your finesses be successful.


Claire Jones

District 18 Board of Directors

(306) 584-3516