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Orlando Report

November 18-21, 2016

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Board of Directors Meeting

November 18-21, 2016

Orlando, FL.


I am constantly amazed at how quickly the years go by. Itís December with another year almost in the book. This year saw the departure of two long time District 18 members. In September Jan and Dick Anderson moved to Toronto. Jan was the long-time secretary of the CBF while Dick was our representative on the Board of Directors for 18 years. Their contribution to bridge in our area will be missed.


A lot was accomplished in the Orlando meetings. The annual election of the president of the ACBL took place with Bob Heller of District 7 being elected 2017 president. Bob will be a great representative for the ACBL. Itís looking like 2016 was a good year. The cheating scandals have been dealt with and hopefully are behind us. Financially we appear to have turned the corner. There were concerns that our reserves were low but with reduced administrative costs and slight fee increases we are hoping to put $500 000 back into reserves by the end of 2016. The problem of an aging ACBL SCOR program has not been solved but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The good news is no sanction increases for 2017. Last year when the fees for special games was being adjusted there was an error and Clubs were required to submit an additional $1.25 per table along with their STaC sanction fee. That mistake has been rectified and the extra $1.25 table fee for clubs hosting STaCs has been removed.


2017 will have a change in the structure of our membership fees. Previously there was little incentive for paying membership fees more than one year at a time. Collecting fees every year is costly and inefficient. The new structure has a significant discount for 3 year memberships. Currently an annual membership is $39.00 while new members pay $29.00 for the first year and $39.00 after that. Under the new structure one year memberships increase to $49.00 but if you pay for 3 years it is reduced to a total of $117.00 or the same $39.00 a year you currently pay. By opting for the 3 year plan your membership will not be going up in the next 3 years. New membership will become $39.00 with the cost of 3 years for new members being $87.00. This comes to $29.00 a year for the first 3 years which is a decrease from the current rate.


Orlando saw a major change in the structure of the ACBL Educational Foundation. In the new structure the foundation is a new entity with its administration being completely separated from the ACBL. By doing this it is hoped the foundation will be better able to raise funds to better serve our educational needs. For our on line players BBO is adding a new game, the day-long robot game. This is an 18 to 24 board game that you will be able to complete anytime during the day. Once started, you can take 15 or 20 minutes at any time during the game to get it completed. You will only be able to play one of these each day but it is designed for players who donít have a large block of time during the day and still want to participate in a full game. A proposal to add subsidies for 3rd and 4th place finishers in the NAPs was brought to Orlando. This was narrowly defeated with a recommendation put forward to investigate other ways this event can be promoted. A motion with potential benefits for our District was the passing of a motion for a 2 year trial of on line Regional sessions. These sessions would be hosted at clubs in connection with one of our existing Regionals. The intent is to enable Regional play and gold points without all the expenses of travel. This could be of benefit for areas like ours that require a great deal of travel. Check out the Orlando meeting minutes for the full details of how this will work.


You can find the full details of all the meeting motions on the ACBL web site.


Best wishes to all for the upcoming holiday season and as always may all your finesses be successful,


Claire Jones

District 18 Board of Directors

ph: 306-584-3516